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Going On A Lion Hunt

Some children in an African village turn an errand to get some water into a game, meeting friends and seeing some of their challenges.

Jan G. Hansen

Author. Available to visit your school, church, book store, or community gathering.

No More Empty Smiles  

Henning goes to school in his new country.  Will it matter that he can't speak English?  

Deborah Pryce

Illustrator of Going On A Lion Hunt and The Cat. Original artwork from Going on a Lion Hunt is on display at the UpTown Gallery in Waterloo.

The Cat

A cat finds that by caring for others she feels good about herself.  Based on the real life experiences of a foster mom.

Jennifer Falconer

Illustrator of No More Empty Smiles.

The Cat; A Play

This version of The Cat lets children experience the story from the inside. 

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Black History and Asian Heritage announcements for schools. 

Character Development Kit 

Includes four picture books and a fourteen page teacher resource.


What is Gooseneck Press?

For You, Daddy

Your children create the illustrations in a picture book for Dad.

Free stuff!

Downloadable colouring pages, translations and idea sheets for how to use the books.

     Inspired by the lives led by African children who have lost adults in their lives to AIDS 

"A Powerful Story."  ~ Anne Gardner, Executive Director, Bracelet of Hope

Thandi, whose name means "Nurturing Love," leads a brother and sister on a walk to get some water. Along the way they meet friends such as Bulelani ("Let's Be Thankful") who lives with his cousins and grandmother. The story is written so that an adult can read the story with a child and talk about some of the challenges faced by children. This book was created in partnership with Bracelet of Hope.

Inspired by the real-life story of a boy learning English.

"[ESL teachers] were greatly inspired by your book!  You must know it moved them deeply."  ~ Wendy Campbell, ESL teacher, Waterloo Region District School Board

On Henning's first day of school in his new country he can't understand the teacher or the other students.  He finds the resources inside himself to learn their language.

Inspired by the real-life pleasures of a foster mom.

"I was impressed . . ."  ~ Peter Ringrose, Executive Director, Family and Children's Services of the Waterloo Region

"[an] endearing tale . . . [the] vivid illustrations will capture young readers' hearts." ~ The Kitchener Waterloo Record

"Boy your story was a kick in the pants!  It was great!"   ~ Sejal, student, Clark Boulevard Public School in Brampton

A cat comes to the aid of young animals who are in need of a helping hand, and discovers that it feels good to help others.

Helping others makes you feel good.

The Cat adapted into a short play for a narrator, six characters and a chorus of rocks.  The Cat is surprised to learn that she is happier when she helps other people.

Have your children illustrate a book for Daddy.

". . . the Perfect gift for Dad."   ~ The Kitchener Waterloo Record

The story describes a heroic love for Daddy based on fairy tales.  ("For you, I would build a house strong enough to keep out the wolves.")  It finishes with an offer that no parent could refuse.  ("I will even tidy my room.")

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