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Character Development Kit

Written by Jan G. Hansen

This character development kit includes four books and a resource with idea for how to extend the books for primary (K-gr.3), junior (gr.4-gr.6) and intermediate (gr.7-8) students.  Activities are provided for the following topics:





Social Responsibility




In addition, the resource provides activities, using the four books, to structure students' exploration of issues related to:

Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

Loss of a loved one

Foster Parenting

English Language Learners

The four books can also be purchased separately.  They are:

Beaver Tales

Written by H.C. McArthur

Illustrated by Anna Koot

From the first signs that showed Howard something about his grandpa was changing, he chooses to learn about Grandpa's problem and how to help him.

The Cat

Written by Jan G. Hansen

Illustrated by Deborah Pryce

A cat comes to the aid of young animals who are in need of a helping hand, and discovers that it feels good to help others.

Henry and Harriet

Written by H.C. McArthur

Illustrated by Anna Koot

Henry and Harriet meet and live a happy life until Henry is confronted with the untimely and sudden loss of Harriet.

No More Empty Smiles

Written by Jan G. Hansen

Illustrated by Jennifer Falconer

On Henning's first day of school in his new country he can't understand the teacher or the other students.  He finds the resources inside himself to learn their language.