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Jan G. Hansen: Strengthening Faith Communities

Seen here with a younger reader, Jan enjoys sharing stories with children, great-grandparents and anyone in between.

In addition to being a vice-principal in the public school system, Jan is active in his church.  He has filled roles including sunday school teacher and superintendent, substitute preacher and writer of daily devotions. He has had the opportunity to attend worship with hundreds of faith groups, most of them Christian, and has developed an understanding of issues faced by people of faith.

In partnership with, Jan has developed a step by step resource for setting and working towards goals that is tailored to faith-based communities. The resource can be downloaded for free by clicking the link below.


Success Planning: A process for supporting change

Change isn't easy, but more and more congregations are finding that they need to change some of what they do in order to meet the needs of the community that they serve. Having worked as a change agent in Ontario's education system, which is internationally seen as a model for focussed change, Jan has adapted the succes planning model to a faith based context. Step by step instructions on how to set and achieve goals (including templates and handouts) can be downloaded here. Jan can run workshops for leadership teams to work through the resource and help them get prepared.

Community: What holds us together?

Like any group of people, a congregation faces stresses that pull its members in different directions. Jan will challenge members of the congregation to think about what they are doing to strengthen the ties that hold their faith community together.  Your congregation may be responding to a particular strain on your community's fabric, or may be looking for way to rejuvenate your thriving community. Although comfortable with participating in your service, Jan typically will work with the Sunday School children and make a presentation to the congregation after the service during coffee hour.


Contact Jan for a price.  Recognizing that faith communities often have a limited budget, and subject to his availability, Jan will come for a nominal fee as long as he can make books available for purchase while he is there.  Jan's books will be available that day for a discounted price.

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* Note: This email address is changed every so often to avoid spam.  If you have saved the address and it no longer works, please double check this web site.