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For You, Daddy

Written by Jan G. Hansen

Illustrated by your child

The story describes a heroic love for Daddy based on fairy tales.  ("For you, I would build a house strong enough to keep out the wolves.")  It finishes with an offer that no parent could refuse.  ("I will even tidy my room.")


"...the perfect gift for Dad, one that he will cherish long after the kids have grown up and left the nest."      ~ The Kitchener Waterloo Record

From the book

Daddy fell asleep reading me stories last night.


I took off his shoes and lined them up by the front door.  Then I wrapped him

in a blanket. As I snuggled in beside him, I said, "I love you, Daddy."


For you, I would build a house strong enough to keep out the wolves. . .

How It Is Done

Step 1: Tell seven fairy tales to your child.  (Instructions on the cover tell you which fairy tales.)

Step 2: Have your child illustrate the story.  Use the fairy tales as inspiration to illustrate the pages as noted on the back cover.  (Page 16 and 17, for example, refer to "The Little Mermaid.")

Step 3: Place your child's name on the front cover and on both sides of the title page as illustrator.  Fill in the dedication.

Step 4: Removed the outer cover with the instructions and give the completed book to Daddy.

Where did the story come from?

I was cleaning the toilets at home and feeling grumpy.  I got to thinking of all the difficult things that I would do for my wife (like save her from a burning building or push her from in front of a speeding train).  Compared to those things, cleaning the toilets was easy (and a whole lot safer).  For You, Daddy is based on the idea that kids would be willing to do almost anything for their parents, so cleaning their rooms should be an easy one.

With heroic ideas drawn from fairy tales, this is a picture book where the child draws the pictures for Daddy. Use it as a chance to share these stories with your children, do some artwork with them, and end up with a gift for Dad.