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Jan G. Hansen

A student made a Christmas card for me and on it he wrote "You are nice to me." His card touched me because in those few words he revealed a corner of what was important to him.  If I asked you to guess at his story, based on those few words, what you said would tell me some of where you are coming from. We are the stories that we share.

We can use stories to teach everything from history to math and in the process we transmit a set of values. I enjoy exploring what is behind what we say. I have used my stories to start conversations ranging from children helping others on the playground to foster parenting to families of mixed ethnic backgrounds. No story has one level of meaning, and they are an ideal stepping off point to exploring ideas together.


Visiting Author

Jan G. Hansen is a vice-principal in Waterloo Region.  He is able to steal time away from his day job to talk about writing and the way we build ties with each other. 

"We all liked how you geared your presentations to the different age groups and how you handled talking about some really sensitive issues. We also liked how you were so clear with the kids that they are leaders and can make a difference now, as children."     ~ Shannon Matsuo, teacher, Elizabeth Zeigler Public School

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