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Jan G. Hansen: School Author Visits

Photo courtesy of  Doug Coxson

 New Hamburg Independent

Jan G. Hansen is a vice-principal in Waterloo Region.  His presentations have been enjoyed by students from kindergarten to grade eight.

Jan has presented to whole schools, although it is easier to focus a message at a smaller age range of students such as a division.  Often Jan's presentations are in the library with classes rotating through one to three at a time.

Jan makes his points through telling stories, both published and unpublished and will focus on a theme relating to your school's needs.

Writing: It never comes out right the first time

Jan can take an audience through the writing process from getting the idea to publishing the book.  Along the way he will show his own writing and editing process, and the development of an illustration from initial sketches to final product.

Character Development: Point of view is everything

Studies have found that we learn empathy and social intelligence through exposure to stories.  Like a pilot in a flight simulator, stories let us react to situations in a safe environment.  Jan will lay groundwork for reading and writing as a way of practicing the art of looking at the world from a variety of perspectives.  If time permits, Jan may even sing a song or two.

Canadian Black History: It isn't as simple as one might think

Jan has written a teacher resource filled with stories drawn from African Canadian history.  He can tell some of these stories focusing on the variety of experiences that people of African heritage have faced in Canada.  He makes the point that African Canadian history is not about oppression, difficulty, survival, hard work, innovation or trail blazers.  It is all of the above, and more.

An Evening with Children and Families: Modelling ways to share stories

Jan is a parent, educator and writer.  From those vantage points he will model ways of sharing stories with children that will inspire children and family members to share their stories with each other.


Presentations cost $150 to have him in your school for a morning or an afternoon, or $300 for a full school day.  Evening presentations cost $150.  For travel outside of Waterloo Region, but within southern Ontario, there is a $50 travel fee and a $100 accommodation fee may be required.  Prices are subject to HST.

Books are available on presentation day for a 30% discount for students, staff and school.

For more information, e-mail*

Click here for a word from Jan.

* Note: This email address is changed every so often to avoid spam.  If you have saved the address and it no longer works, please double check this web site.